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We Create Effective E-mail Signatures

  An e-mail signature (like ours above) is like a digital business card. It should be a reflection of what your business is about while providing all the basic information needed to contact you. We use e-mail everyday, why not use it as a marketing tool? It is a very inexpensive way to initiate communication…

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Klout Score

  You may have heard of a Klout score before, but what is it exactly? Basically, it is a score from 1-100 that measures your social influence on others based on your web interactions. The higher your score, the greater your influence. It is made up of three things: True Reach (the amount of people…

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Making Your Business Mobile

  I was walking through JCPenney’s one day and passed by the women’s department. There I saw a man sitting on the floor with his laptop while his wife was shopping for clothes. I had to laugh, but as funny as that was, it really does illustrate what this generation is becoming. Now you don’t…

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Building Brands

  We mentioned before that inbound marketing is very crucial to generating business. I wanted to share with you some guidelines you should be following when using Twitter and Facebook for building brands. These websites can provide you with tons of exposure, while Building Your Brand using social media but they won’t do you any good…

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How to Market your Website

Click here to see full infographic. Marketing can consist of things like TV commercials, internet ads, or mail inserts. All of these can be effective, but they all rely on the company’s ability to grab the attention of their audience and lead them to take action. The problem with this technique is that many people…

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