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Can Twitter Shape a Presidential Election?

Some thoughts on political pundit Juan Williams’ article, “How Twitter May Have Tipped the Election for Romney.” Williams notes how just as many Americans watched the 2012 political debates as typically watch the Super Bowl. As a side note, I am relieved that the enthusiasm is there. What surprised Williams, though, was that his fellow…

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Is Your Social Media on Target?

This video does a good job of putting social media sites like Facebook into a global context. The B2C possibilities of social media are limited only by the amount of technologically-able global population. Don’t let the Millennial generation dominate online marketing. Understand the opportunities awaiting your business and create your marketing program today. Is your…

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Four Easy Steps to Affiliate Marketing Online

When establishing an online identity, follow these four easy steps to affiliate marketing online: 1. Choose a niche. 2. Choose keywords. 3. Build a simple site. 4. Drive traffic. The provided video expounds upon these steps. Have a watch and start growing your web traffic. Video Source: Affiliate Marketing. Image Source: Affiliate Marketing.

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The Benefits of Posting Videos…

Cimetta Design, in association with Swamp City Productions, now offers professional online video production. Website design evolves with the customer. The ideal website provides the ideal mode of interaction. Companies blend text, images, and videos in order to maximize the viewer’s user experience. The benefit to the company is the conversion rate of viewers into…

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Social Media Gives Teens Vital Business Skills

    The teenagers busily tapping their touch-sensitive cell phone screens are writing ad-copy. They don’t even know it, but they are refining a business skill that may be harvested in years to come. Social Media Gives Teens Vital Business Skills. Parents and older passers-by may glower at these “connected” youths. To older generations, social…

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