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Facebook Ads: Where do I start?

The story of Facebook’s IPO is well-known. A social media giant, arguably the first of its kind, is about to make its debut as an overvalued and over-anticipated investment opportunity. Within a month the stock lost over a quarter of its value; within three it was valued at less than half of its IPO price….

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The Importance of a Social Media Presence for Businesses

With new technology comes new business demands. Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, operate as an all-in-one marketing, advertising, and information resource for companies. Thus the  importance of a social media presence for businesses is elevated. Without a social media presence, your website is like an advertisement standing still in a moving crowd.

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Businesses will only use Helvetica font in the future…thanks, Facebook…

Business Insider argues that businesses will only use Helvetica font in the future. The reason is that the font works well mentally with us humans, it’s even immune to size manipulation. Business Insider notes Facebook as being a prime propagater of Helvetica’s trendiness internationally. Since so many people use Facebook, in other words, the font is…

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Facebook Censorship…

  I could end the article there, but that would be withholding. For the same reason that an employee with undiagnosed Tourette’s Syndrome can be fired from an office is the same reason that Facebook can edit their pages however they wish. [Editor’s note: An employee diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome is protected under the Americans…

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App icon logos

Creative Bloq put out their top 15 trends for how to brand a logo in 2012. The number one trend developing is that of the App Icon logos. These bite-sized action icons are becoming synonymous with (and contributing to) a brand. The Facebook icon is quite unmistakable at this point in time. But how about…

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