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    What We Offer


    You won’t have to claw your way to the top at Cimetta Design. We’re small and intend on staying that way. You may have to fight getting in through the front door but usually once you’re in, you’re in.


    Being small makes it easy to be Flexible. You’re able to make your own hours. If you need Tuesday afternoons, just let us know and we can work with you on a schedule that will suit both of us.

    On the Job Training

    All you need is passion. People in this business are hired for their portfolio’s and their attitude. Save a few hundred thousand dollars and intern with us while learning exactly how real studios do things.

    Passion Proponents

    Where do your passions lie? Illustration, graphics, web, cartooning? We can help you find your passion while giving you the time and direction to develop it into a viable commercial enterprise.

    Creative Environment

    Hell yea, it’s all about Creativity. As part of our tight-knit team, time doesn’t stand still here. Eight hour days last about an hour and you’ll be in your sixties in no time.

    Diverse Projects

    Projects here are like hunting for game in Africa. One day you may bag a water Buffalo, the next an albino Platypus. Just when you thought they only lived in Australia. Yes, it can be that strange.