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How to write a Blog Post

If you read our post a week or so ago, you know how important a blog is for you and your business – but what’s even more important is learning, How to write a blog post and structure your content correctly. Writing blog posts are all about providing your website with valuable, quality, and consistent…

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Sales Promotions

Alright…yeah, P.T. Barnum’s infamous quote is a bit more colorful than that, but the ideal behind this revelation lead to an interesting Sales Promotion turning point in the relationship between businesses and their customers.

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The Importance of a Social Media Presence for Businesses

With new technology comes new business demands. Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, operate as an all-in-one marketing, advertising, and information resource for companies. Thus the  importance of a social media presence for businesses is elevated. Without a social media presence, your website is like an advertisement standing still in a moving crowd.

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People like brands they can relate to…with animal logos

You know what type of wine moves the most volume? The bottles that have an animal logos on it. The reason why isn’t too difficult to deduce: people like animals. Throughout the course of the human experience, we become conditioned to certain customs. For example, you meet someone, you shake their hand and you say…

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It has left something behind that will control what you are looking for. Should you call an exterminator? Are you infected.  There are very few ways  of avoiding them. The bots and spiders are in control and they have long memories. They are somewhat in control of you and what you like to view.  They…

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