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The Cimetta Design Proofing Room is where clients can view work in progress, our latest project proofs and provide feedback, comments and questions regarding their project.

Communication and collaboration is vital for the success of a project. It helps insure that we design and develop your vision and aids us in helping you reach your goals.

View and Approve Proofs

Typically, a Cimetta Design representative or the designer/developer working on your project will provide you with a direct link to your proof within our proofing room.

Once viewing a proof, you can provide approval or constructive criticisms and instructions as to how to improve the piece to get it closer to your vision.

Gain Access to Proof(s)

If you cannot find the link provided by Cimetta Design to your proof or if the link is for whatever reason no longer active, you can re-request the link is sent to you through the form below.

Please be advised that our main client contact regarding the project requested will be contacted for confirmation.

    Request Project Proof Link

    While we answer requests as quickly as possible, if you require the link immediately or have a pressing question, please call us at 954 - 680 - 4584

    Your Name (required)

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    Company Name

    Project Being Requested

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