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We mentioned before that inbound marketing is very crucial to generating business. I wanted to share with you some guidelines you should be following when using Twitter and Facebook for building brands. These websites can provide you with tons of exposure, while Building Your Brand using social media but they won’t do you any good if you aren’t using them properly. Both social media sites should be used, but it is important to understand the differences they have. Learning a few things about these social media sites may change the way you post your content and give you better results.


  • Mainly for  building brands
  • More businesses than Twitter
  • There is an increase of people over 40 joining
  • It is much more visual than Twitter

Since businesses have more of a presence on Facebook than they do on Twitter, that means more competition. Take advantage of Facebook’s visual focus and find ways to stand out from other brands. Post videos, photos or even feature a giveaway. Just keep in mind that since the older generation is starting to use Facebook, be sure to engage them.


  • Mainly for news
  • Has a 140 character limit
  • A younger audience than Facebook
  • Consists of mainly text

Twitter isn’t made for sharing colorful pictures and graphics, so it is important to make your tweets interesting in order to grab attention. Make your tweets direct and post a link when necessary. A great tip is to start following people, retweet their posts and comment. After awhile some of these people may begin following you and sharing your content.

Another social media outlet to consider is LinkedIn. You can post updates on your page to show what work you have been doing. Just keep in mind that LinkedIn is a more professional audience. It is dominated mainly by high-tech companies like Google and Dell, but it can still be an aid to any type of company.

A great website to check out is which offers a tool that shows the analytics of your social media sites. It does cost money, but they offer a trial if you wish to try it out. There is a discovery feature that allows you to search for new contacts by typing in keywords. This feature would be a great way to find new people to follow on Twitter who will hopefully follow you back. Keep Building Your Brand using social media!

information sources: sproutsocial, guardian, sfgate.  

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