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One of the first steps to developing any type of effective marketing is to develop whats called your ‘unique value proposition’. That’s just fancy business lingo for what makes your company awesome.

It’s the promise of value to be delivered when a client is interacting with your company, your product, or your service. It’s the primary reason a prospect should buy from you in a sea of competitors.

If you don’t offer a good reason for a client to buy from you, they’re not going to buy. So if I’m your dream customer, why should I buy from you instead of anyone else?

Your unique value proposition should be a clear statement that answers the following:

    1. How does your product/service solve your customers’ problem or improve their situation (Relevancy)?
    2. What specific benefits does it give (Quantified Value)?
    3. Why should the ideal customer trust you with their business and not your competition (Unique Differentiation)?

This statement is the most important thing that you can get out to a potential customer; show-case it on your website and any marketing that you do.

And even more so than the obvious aspects to your business that might entail pros like cost or quality, developing a ‘Why’ can bring the biggest benefit to your brand. Developing the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you and your business to do what you do. Creating a ‘Why’ can give your customer base something to grab onto for them to make a deeper connection with your business and your service. Find your unique value.

Check out this talk by Simon Sinek about finding your companies ‘Why’:

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