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Logo design

The honeybee knows well the juices of the flower; a fish knows how to follow water currents; and Cimetta Design knows Logo Design and what is best for your business. At the intersection of artistic creativity and professionalism, Cimetta Design works with your company to bring the design that communicates your business faster than a…

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Holiday Marketing

Search Dog Marketing posted some helpful inbound marketing tips to boost Holiday Marketing. Here they are: 1. Offer weekly promotions counting down to the holiday 2. Link social media to your e-mail marketing campaign 3. Create landing pages and sync your Google resources 4. Use research to drive your strategy   All of these ideas…

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The Mashable Awards!

Voilà! The Mashable Awards for Social Media Services to Small Businesses! Find out which online services are the most beneficial to your small business. See who ranks where and help your business today! Too busy for social media? Call the pros at Cimetta Design: 954.680.4584. Image Source: Mashable.

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Company Blog

Part of the value in having a company blog is being able to inform an audience about products, services, and the overall quality received through investment in your business. Never stray from positioning your company as essential to your local community. After all, the success of a business proves its communal utility. The best marketing…

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Bloggers Guide…

You have a company blog; you create multiple social media sites; you circulate your writings. Are you getting the community interaction you desire? Let us say that your company specializes in socks. At first, maybe you write about the history of the sock; there is a history, I’ll have you know. Ok, that is day…

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