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QR Codes

Similar to a bar code a QR codes work along with a number of free applications you can get for your smart phone. They’ve been using this technology in Japan for a few years and it’s starting to grow here in the US. A lot of people are hesitant to begin using these but I’m…

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Infographic: So You Need A Typeface?

  Funny infographic on picking a Typface: Click Here To View Source:

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Color-The Essentials

  The choosing of a color scheme for a business, promotion, event, or anything that must influence a person is an extremely important decision. The correct color arrangement could lead to more sales or direct your business or organization down a path to failure. So what is the safest color? The color the highest rate…

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Water in a Box

  Evo products is a company that is perpetually at the forefront of water cooler technology, continuously striving to bring the latest and most cutting-edge products to you, their consumers, in their most innocuous, convenient, and inexpensive form. With these aims as the focus of the the continual improvements and additions to their many product…

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