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Marketing can consist of things like TV commercials, internet ads, or mail inserts. All of these can be effective, but they all rely on the company’s ability to grab the attention of their audience and lead them to take action.

The problem with this technique is that many people are reached who have no intention on using your product/service. It is also very costly to strictly advertise through TV ads or other outbound mechanisms.

Technology is getting better each day and consumers have access to so much information from several different outlets. The way people get information is changing and that means the way we advertise must change with it. The big question is, How to Market your Website.

Inbound marketing is basically advertising in reverse. Instead of reaching out to your audience, your audience reaches out to you. This type of marketing is more beneficial because it eliminates the time put into contacting the wrong people and is a lot less expensive.

Inbound marketing and how it works

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Inbound marketing can be done in several ways, but the key is to focus on your content. Quality Content. Make sure you are supplying content that lures people in and captures their attention. This can be done through blogs, videos, social media posts, webinars and Ebooks.

That last sentence has probably shed some light on inbound marketing’s one flaw. Inbound marketing doesn’t require a huge monetary investment, but it does require a fairly large investment of time. But wait…if you’re investing time on connecting with you current clients and potential clients, working them down that sales line, isn’t the return on investment remarkable?

Inbound marketing allows you to build an audience with confidence that you, yourself are an industry leader in your niche or realm. It has the power to make people think of you and your business when they run into a need for something that you provide. You’re essentially becoming the beacon that people will flock to when the need information on something related to your area of expertise.

That’s powerful.

Though this content creation and connection can be tough and can can take awhile, especially for smaller businesses, it’s return can bring you the success that you yearn for.

You could spend a massive amount of money on magazine ads and get very little return out of it. On the contrary, blogs are generally easy to create and social media websites are free for everyone to access. Millions of people access the web each day, so the more places you place your business the more likely people will find you.

So what options do you have for generating new content? Well, the best place to start may be social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Establish a company page and add content regularly.

Blogging would be the next step to increase your customer base. Blogs can be added to your company website and can showcase recent company events, related articles, photos or anything else pertaining to your business. If people like your blog or social media page they will most likely share the link with their friends and your business can grow by word of mouth. This can then lead to people wanting to know more about your business and ultimately increase traffic to your website.

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