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Twitter’s Helping Images Become the Focus

The unbelievable ability to communicate that social media, technology and the internet has availed to us has revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives. We now have all the information known to man at our finger tips. The only problem: the funnel of our attention, images become the focus. Marketing and the economy have transformed….

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The Importance of a Social Media Presence for Businesses

With new technology comes new business demands. Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, operate as an all-in-one marketing, advertising, and information resource for companies. Thus the  importance of a social media presence for businesses is elevated. Without a social media presence, your website is like an advertisement standing still in a moving crowd.

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The Guide to Going Viral – Advice from Jonah Berger

Thanks to Fast Company for releasing this exclusive excerpt from The Guide to Going Viral – Advice from Jonah Berger from his latest book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On. These are six easy-to-learn, easy-to-share ways for your business to earn the audience that it needs to thrive. 6 “STEPS” To Making Ideas, Products Go Viral…

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The name Google comes from a mathematical term? C’mon!

Over at Business Insider, they provide concise explanations as to why companies such as Yahoo, Skype, Twitter, and Apple have such curious names. For the literary bunch, Yahoo came from Jonathan Swift’s canonical work, Gulliver’s Travels. And Pandora comes from the name of a Greek goddess who was a little too curious for everyone else in the…

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App icon logos

Creative Bloq put out their top 15 trends for how to brand a logo in 2012. The number one trend developing is that of the App Icon logos. These bite-sized action icons are becoming synonymous with (and contributing to) a brand. The Facebook icon is quite unmistakable at this point in time. But how about…

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