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The Mashable Awards!

Voilà! The Mashable Awards for Social Media Services to Small Businesses! Find out which online services are the most beneficial to your small business. See who ranks where and help your business today! Too busy for social media? Call the pros at Cimetta Design: 954.680.4584. Image Source: Mashable.

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The Benefits of Posting Videos…

Cimetta Design, in association with Swamp City Productions, now offers professional online video production. Website design evolves with the customer. The ideal website provides the ideal mode of interaction. Companies blend text, images, and videos in order to maximize the viewer’s user experience. The benefit to the company is the conversion rate of viewers into…

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Content Strategy

  Creating an  effective Content Strategy can seem like the most difficult task sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be. Writing about your interests and fun topics in general may not be so hard, but writing about your favorite things in life is not going to benefit your business. So in order to encourage people…

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