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Cimetta Design, in association with Swamp City Productions, now offers professional online video production.

Website design evolves with the customer. The ideal website provides the ideal mode of interaction. Companies blend text, images, and videos in order to maximize the viewer’s user experience. The benefit to the company is the conversion rate of viewers into customers. The Benefits of Posting Videos to your Companies Website today is tremendous.

If your company’s website does not feature video, search engines will not rank your website as high as it could be. The solution, therefore, is to add video to your site. In general, search engines determine the quality of your site’s content. Google, in example, places a “search premium” on video content. This premium outweighs the benefits of a large text article on a page. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases your site’s rank, allowing you to increase your business.

But video does more than just rank your website better than your competitors.

A video experience tells a story faster than a text experience. In like manner, it is quicker to watch a novel’s film-adaptation rather than read the book. While your customers are engaged, video can efficiently highlight company promotions and show customers how your products work. This engagement encourages users to spend more time on your web page, which often leads to increased ad revenue on top of increased product sales.

Last but not least, video enables companies to cross-promote. By using embeddable links, competitors can become allies, and customers can be guided towards additional products and services that they may have missed otherwise.

At Cimetta Design, we build websites to move with the consumer. Embeddable links in videos carry-on the consumer experience. It is like driving on a highway versus a street riddled with traffic lights.

Now in association with Swamp City Productions, Cimetta Design enhances your business by providing professional online video production.

Here is what you receive:

  • Video shoot
  • Scripting (or script consultation)
  • Interview-style clips
  • Video(s) uploaded to multiple video sharing sites
  • Ownership of raw footage and final deliverables
  • Ability to add additional interview-style clips at a reduced rate

Contact us today for a free consultation: 954-680-4584.

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