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The Boston Celtics Logo

The Boston Celtics Logo – If someone came to me and said, “Well, I need you to design a logo of an Irish guy for a basketball team called The Celtics,” then I’d probably over-think the whole image. Shoes with buckles? C’mon. A pipe? What about how kids perceive the logo? Luckily Red Auerbach, the…

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The evolving ways to create dynamic package design…

The website Brand Packaging published a thoughtful article on the ways that package design is changing. No longer are words such as “Bigger,” “Better,” and “Bolder” moving products the way that they used to move products. The reason for this is due to a different generation of consumers. Consumers nowadays are numb to the appeals…

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Chevy robot puppy defies the “So ugly, it’s cute” rule of dogs…

…sure, I’m biased, but look at The Chevy Robot puppy. Even in the wince-worthy world of Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot, this mechanized Scrappy-Doo wouldn’t be anybody’s best friend.

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Why should a Business have a Blog?

Many businesses now have a blog. This trend should not be overlooked; rather, this trend should be understood. Why should a business have a Blog.  It serves multiple purposes: 1. A blog allows your business to communicate with your customers. 2. A blog allows your business to communicate with your employees. 3. A blog expands…

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End of the World!

Originally I was going to post something about web design. It was going to be great. I’ll probably post something like that tomorrow. But look how great this End of the World poster looks. Now THERE is a design worth celebrating. Click to enlarge It’s got everything: Minimalist design, well-focused color palette, thematics, linear readability….

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