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A New Look For Myspace

You may remember Myspace when it was popular a few years back, but it has lost the social media battle to Facebook and Twitter. Now, Myspace is revamping their entire website since Specfiic Media bought the company a year ago. The new Myspace is looking to bring a new user experience and hopefully revitalize their…

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Effective Marketing Strategies

Effective Marketing Strategies with an influential brand that stands out is not an easy task. It requires hard work and endless amounts of trial and error. What is it exactly that makes one brand so much better than another? That is not a simple question with just one answer, it really depends on so many…

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Why Your Business Should be Tweeting

  Twitter may not have as big of an audience as Facebook, but it is still an equally important platform for businesses to utilize. Creating and using a Twitter account gives you free access to an audience of several million people, that alone should get you tweeting. But just having an account is not going…

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3 Metrics to Improve Your Facebook Page

  If you have a page on Facebook for your business, you probably have tried gaining more likes and attempted everything to attract more people. Well, in order to optimize your Facebook page, you should be taking advantage of the metrics given to you. In order to see this information you must first be on…

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Inbound Marketing

We have mentioned numerous times that Inbound marketing is critical, but in order to use it correctly, you need a schedule that works. Planning ahead makes things run faster, smoother and gives you better results. Keeping a calendar and daily schedule is a must, but there are many ways to go about it. There are 3…

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