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How to Market Your Product with Social Media

  Social media allows the customer to take the wheel and show businesses what they want. It has transformed the way products are marketed today and has specifically changed the cosmetic market. Estée Lauder recently held a poll on their Facebook page for their brands MAC and Bobbi Brown where they asked customers to vote…

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Klout Score

  You may have heard of a Klout score before, but what is it exactly? Basically, it is a score from 1-100 that measures your social influence on others based on your web interactions. The higher your score, the greater your influence. It is made up of three things: True Reach (the amount of people…

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4 Marketing Strengths of Small Businesses

  Small businesses may think that larger corporations have it all. They have enough money to spend on countless advertising campaigns, a well-known brand and experience to back it all up. Even though this may be true, big businesses may be able to learn a thing or two from these mom-and-pop shops. Just think about…

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4 Social Media Mistakes

  Social Media may seem like a pretty straightforward thing, but there are many misconceptions about it. Here are 4 Social Media Mistakes  1. Social Media is only for personal use and reconnecting with friends Facebook is great for talking to friends and posting funny pictures, but it goes way beyond that. Businesses need to…

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Building Brands

  We mentioned before that inbound marketing is very crucial to generating business. I wanted to share with you some guidelines you should be following when using Twitter and Facebook for building brands. These websites can provide you with tons of exposure, while Building Your Brand using social media but they won’t do you any good…

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