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Search Dog Marketing posted some helpful inbound marketing tips to boost Holiday Marketing.

Here they are:

1. Offer weekly promotions counting down to the holiday

2. Link social media to your e-mail marketing campaign

3. Create landing pages and sync your Google resources

4. Use research to drive your strategy


All of these ideas are fantastic, and, save for the first one, they should occur year-round anyhow! And guess what? Cimetta Design handles these services for you.

Cimetta Design is your one-stop shop for web site design, logo design, website hosting, package design, branding, inbound marketing, and more!

Give us a call at 954-680-4584 for a FREE consult on all of our various services. We have 50+ years of expertise, and we want to share it all with you.

Remember: Your Success Is Our Success.


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Xavier Cimetta

Xavier Cimetta is part owner and the head Designer/Front-end developer at Cimetta Design, Inc. As an entrepreneur and work-a-holic, his mission is to help fellow entrepreneurs & businesses design beautiful brands, websites, packaging and experiences to reach their goals.

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