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The name Google comes from a mathematical term? C’mon!

Over at Business Insider, they provide concise explanations as to why companies such as Yahoo, Skype, Twitter, and Apple have such curious names. For the literary bunch, Yahoo came from Jonathan Swift’s canonical work, Gulliver’s Travels. And Pandora comes from the name of a Greek goddess who was a little too curious for everyone else in the…

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New Coke

Remember New Coke? If you do, then you probably remember how mad people were about it. It was like a movie wherein Coca-Cola Classic and his wife, Diet Coke, gave birth to the Rosemary’s Baby equivalent of soda; or it was like a daytime soap opera with a murder that gets blamed on Coke, but…

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Bass & Co. Brewery: The world’s first trademarked logo

The year was 1875. Bass & Co. Brewery: The world’s first trademarked logo. The first company ever to do so, in fact. Why? Because that year the Trade Mark Registration Act of 1875 passed, that’s why. Evidence that a logo, name, product, etc. actually was your own original content would be accepted prima facie, that is,…

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