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The year was 1875. Bass & Co. Brewery: The world’s first trademarked logo. The first company ever to do so, in fact. Why? Because that year the Trade Mark Registration Act of 1875 passed, that’s why.

Evidence that a logo, name, product, etc. actually was your own original content would be accepted prima facie, that is, at face value. All you had to do was provide sufficient evidence at first glance that the property was your own, and so long as no one could provide a legitimate rebuttal then the trademark is yours.

A Bass employee waited overnight just to ensure that the Bass logo was the number one registered trademark. You see, back in the 19th century, Bass beer was the highest selling beer in the UK. The beer was so popular, James Joyce even remarked upon its logo in his masterpiece, Ulysses. 

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Image Source: Bass.


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