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Over at Business Insider, they provide concise explanations as to why companies such as Yahoo, Skype, Twitter, and Apple have such curious names.

For the literary bunch, Yahoo came from Jonathan Swift’s canonical work, Gulliver’s Travels. And Pandora comes from the name of a Greek goddess who was a little too curious for everyone else in the world’s own good. Thanks, Pandora.

But what about companies like Hulu or Bebo? To find out, you’ll just have to read the article.

If anyone is wondering where a name such as Cimetta Design came from, well, that’s a little family secret. Emphasis on “family,” and forget about the whole “secret” part. It’s a family name.

But Google’s name? It comes from the mathematical term for the number one followed by one hundred zeros. Yawn. It’s not even spelled the same way. The mathematical term is spelled “Googol.” Way to be such a smarty pants, Google!

Image Source: Googol.

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