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A new business is usually developed from the result of a genius idea someone thought up one day. The initial idea may be creative or good enough to gain attention, but after awhile it may be difficult to come up with new ideas. Creativity is something that comes and goes, it isn’t easily forced. But there are some guidelines and steps you can Spark creativity.

1. Be Critical
It is important to not only judge your work, but ask others for their insight as well. Criticism can help you come up with better ideas and find ways to improve what you already know. According to “groups that engage in criticism come up with 20-25% more ideas than other groups, and their ideas are rated as more original.”

2. Embrace Diversity
It is natural for people to hang out with others who are similar to them, but that can hinder creativity. If you spend time with those who have different interests, lifestyles, and personalities than your own, it will broaden your mind to new ideas. Meet new people and talk with strangers; the more people you connect with the more things you will learn. Other than diverse people, it is also a great idea to go outside of your normal everyday routine and try something new. Take on a new hobby, watch a show you have never seen, or visit an unfamiliar place. The main point is that when you try new things and learn new information, it will increase your creativity and give you better ideas.

3. Make an Improvement
If you have an idea think first if it is needed and second about how it could be better. Think of every aspect such as quality, production, and sustainability. Is it what your target market is really looking for? This will help you eliminate bad ideas or ones that just won’t work successfully.

4. Plan for the future
Make sure your ideas are thought out for the long term. This will not only help to make a product that will stay relevant longer, but it challenges you to come up with more innovative ideas.

5. Use Tests and Riddles
The has a list of tests you can do to tap into your creative mind and set off that spark creatively. One way is to come up with alternative uses for different objects like a paper clip or coffee mug. When you think of all the possibilities, you can surprise yourself on the amount and detail of things you can think up. Another way is to draw something or complete something already drawn. You don’t have to be an artist, just draw whatever comes to mind and it could end up giving you a great idea. Doing riddles can sometimes help as well. It makes us think harder and more abstractly. To see the details of these tests read them on

6. Identify what is Causing your Creativity Block
If you know the reason, you can help come to a solution. Here are a few you may be experiencing.

  • Can’t get out of your own head? Then get a different perspective, seek a new venue, change things up.
  • Scared of the unknown or in an awkward situation? Create a routine, commit to it and spend time meditating on it.
  • Can’t stop thinking of Personal problems? Solve the problem ASAP or find a way to deal and cope with it.
  • Lacking money, skill or time? Try saving up on what you are lacking and in the mean time do the best with what you have.
  • Overwhelmed? Cut down on your commitments and focus on the most important things first. Once those are finished you can pick something back up.

Read the 99percent article here to read more details on the different creative blocks and their solutions.

A creative idea can be the solution to a problem, the root of your new business, or just a way to express yourself to others. We understand how important creativity is and how a mental block can become aggravating. Hopefully these tips will help eliminate any block you are experiencing and get your creative mind back on track.

And if you still can’t seem to come up with anything, you can always ask us to design something for you, it’s not only our job, but our passion.


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