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…the other Robotic.

Without SEO keywords embedded into your online copy, you are at a disadvantage with your competitors who invest in such services.

Are You Optimized?

That’s why Cimetta Design offers SEO Optimized Copy writing services!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. These are the words that rank your website higher in search engines; and these are the words that connect with what potential customers are searching for in the first place.

Does your company sell shoes? An SEO Copywriter has the training to find all those important words that relate to consumer-driven search results. Even if this copywriter is not writing all of your copy, this person can revise your copy in a way that draws you more traffic to your website.

You are being watched on a regular basis.

Your website may be beautiful but there are two forms of viewers. Are you optimized? One is human and the other robotic. People used to refer to them as spiders crawling your site. They still exist but they are getting smarter and smarter while looking for what they want. What feeds them is content. That means you can’t set it and forget it any more. To gain an advantage over your competition you need to keep creating new landing pages which can hone in on all the things you do no matter how small. A blog is a must today if you want to out do your competition. That will involve a lot of work, dedication and commitment. The choice is yours, make the effort and reap the return

With Cimetta Design’s services, you can increase your leads and increase your sales we are here for you… don’t wait until it’s too late.

Call Cimetta Design today to find out more about our SEO Copy writing services: 954-680-4584.


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