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We’ll have fetch bring you our newsletter filled with Business tips, freebies, and articles right to your inbox!, Inc. Joins Trend and Updates Website with Video. The perks of adding video to your site include higher search engine rankings and higher customer conversion rates. With DVD sales plummeting, Amazon builds upon video-related perks as it purchases the capacity to stream videos from the network Epix.

This new service shall compete with Netflix, the web-streaming juggernaut that, for the time being, stands alone. Amazon’s subscription service allows for the company to recoup the losses on inventory that has failed to move, as well as make gains in the movie-streaming market that thrives due to the accessibility of portable products like the iPad. Amazon’s new service functions on video game systems, too.

The benefits to posting video on their site and yours is not to be underestimated. Do not let your competitors pass you by.

Cimetta Design, in association with Swamp City Productions, now brings your website to modern sophistication with professional online video production.

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Image source: Amazon Instant Video.

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