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As a Full Service Graphic Design Studio more and more of our time is being devoured by social media. Although it is extremely important to any small business it is also a time suck. Not only from the effort it takes to develop but the constantly changing technology. One day the prime website for any business can easily by surpassed by the latest “thing”. I find it amusing how many agencies keep social media marketing a secret. We give you a choice. We can either do part of it or all of it and we are not afraid to train you how to do it yourself. Some people actually like it, others want nothing to do with it. All I can tell you in today’s business Social Media is here and here to stay.

Here are some things you can refer to. See if Your doing things right.

Do an objective evaluation of your website.

Are you proud of your website?

Is it responsive? Take a look at it on your cell phone and tablet. Sixty percent of people online are viewing a website on one of these devices. If your site isn’t responsive google will put you on the bottom of the list.

These days people are looking for uncluttered design that is both functional and intuitive. They want all the information at their fingertips and like the commercial, “They Want It, and they want it Now”! If your website is not up to date, your business isn’t up to date and just like you, a customer is looking to do business with the most professional company. You’re website is usually the first thing a new customer sees relating to your business. It’s your first chance to make a good first impression.

Take an objective look at your web content. The rules have changed here so do some research. You need to have key words but if you use them too much google will think of it as spam and it will actually hurt your ranking. Landing pages are important, they will act like a funnel towards your goal. Incentives to buy, special offers and call to actions are all ammunition for your content writing arsenal. It all acts in unison to increase your sales and maximize your traffic referred from your social media, marketing and web PR efforts.

Once your entrance door is replaced and your house rebuilt it’s time to throw a party. The party guests will enjoy all the delectable treats from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked-In and an offering of other specialty appetizers that will make your audience come back for more.

Now just keep doing it. Sure there is more to do and a lot of subtle additions and angles depending on the business your in. Stick to your specialty and don’t vary off of it too much. Try to stay out of politics and religion unless they are the kind of websites you are doing.  The trick is to just keep on doing it.

Oh, and you need an app for your website. It can be easy to miss these evolving consumer realities; that is why Cimetta Design, Inc. is here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation: 954.680.4584.



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