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LinkedIn had a recent breach where thousands of passwords were stolen. LinkedIn Offers Targeted Status updates because  According to LinkedIn, if you had one of the accounts that was compromised you should have received an e-mail notifying you and allowing you to reset your password. Hopefully LinkedIn has followed through with what they have stated and have fixed the security breach. Other than passwords being stolen, there is other share-worthy news going on with LinkedIn. When you post a status update you will be able to target it to specific individuals based on their seniority, job title, geography, company size, industry and employee tenure. This feature will help get your message out to the people you intend it for instead of just a general audience.

Since April, fifty companies have used beta-testing on this new feature and so far it has successfully increased followers and participation. These targeted statuses are available with LinkedIn’s new Follow Company program. This program allows companies to pay a fee for each follower and choose what type of audience they want. Once they have purchased these followers, they can freely send them as many updates as they want. LinkedIn is continually working on new services and updates and will be adding more to their program pertaining to mobile.

If you aren’t using LinkedIn you should definitely sign up and start participating. It’s a fantastic source for networking whether you are looking for customers, searching for a job, or need to fill a position. There are discussion boards that allow you to connect with people and exchange information. Now that they are adding new features and offering more opportunities to target specific individuals, LinkedIn should become even more useful to businesses everywhere.

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