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When I first started in business most businesses had one phone and a person to answer it. Somehow you seemed to always be able to reach someone and talk to them.

Technology and population have advanced since those old days. Everyone seems to have an office number, a fax number a cell phone number, and an email address.

Though our technology has made us more connected, it seems that it conversely made us harder to reach. Make Yourself Easy to Contact!!

It seems like most phones are automated and talking to someone quickly becomes a rarity. On one side of the coin the telephone has slowed business down, while on the other side of the coin the internet has sped things up.

Thank God beepers have become obsolete. It seems that older customers would still rather talk by telephone or in person while younger customers would rather email or text.

Unfortunately you need to be able to accommodate both crowds of people. The first place to start is to make sure you include all of your contact info and make your contact info easily accessible on as many mediums as you can. Some simple examples are:

  • On your website.
  • On your email signature.
  • On your various Social Media Accounts (Side note: if you just said to yourself,”I don’t have any social media accounts, Phew!” What are you doing!? Make social media accounts. They’re free sources of potential leads, even if you don’t use them.)
  • Etc.

I still find myself having to look up phone numbers in order to call someone back to answer their question.

The second thing to remember is that serious business people would prefer talking to someone instead of leaving a message and if that person is a customer it’s doubly important.

Do you have another suggestion for making yourself easier to contact?

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