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Social Media may seem like a pretty straightforward thing, but there are many misconceptions about it. Here are 4 Social Media Mistakes 

1. Social Media is only for personal use and reconnecting with friends

Facebook is great for talking to friends and posting funny pictures, but it goes way beyond that. Businesses need to have a presence on Facebook as well as all other social media sites. The fact that people use these sites to socialize and share things with their friends is a great opportunity for businesses to step in. Commercials and Ads are starting to fade into the background so using social media is becoming a more effective form of advertisement. Posting on Facebook and Twitter makes it easier to connect with people and become more interactive than a TV advertisement would.

2. My business isn’t large enough for social media
It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, you still need customers and you can find them through social media. In fact, smaller businesses can grow even larger once they take advantage of these social media outlets. Attend local events to market your company and spread the word about your Facebook and Twitter pages. Host a contest or a giveaway to lure people in and get them excited about your brand.

3. It takes too long to update
This can be true, but there are ways you can make it simpler. Come up with a routine that you follow each day. One thing you could do is to plan your content in advance. For example, you could plan a day that you write out a few days or even a week of content you will post in the future. Writing out ideas early can make the updating process run more smoothly.

4. No one really cares about what businesses post
This can be true if you only post sales pitches asking people to buy from you. Instead, add content that people will be interested in whether it’s relevant articles, pictures of your products, or anything you wish to share with your customers.  Consider switching up the type of content you post to give people something new to see. If you posted a lot of pictures last week try finding some articles to post next. Having variety is what keeps people’s interest. The most important part is to always link it back to your business. Posting an article about watermelon when you own a grooming service may seem totally irrelevant, but if you have a new watermelon scented dog shampoo, you could definitely tie that in.

How have you used social media to connect with your audience? We’d love to hear some interesting ideas from you.

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