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Social Media Gives Teens Vital Business Skills

    The teenagers busily tapping their touch-sensitive cell phone screens are writing ad-copy. They don’t even know it, but they are refining a business skill that may be harvested in years to come. Social Media Gives Teens Vital Business Skills. Parents and older passers-by may glower at these “connected” youths. To older generations, social…

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Why Your Business Should be Tweeting

  Twitter may not have as big of an audience as Facebook, but it is still an equally important platform for businesses to utilize. Creating and using a Twitter account gives you free access to an audience of several million people, that alone should get you tweeting. But just having an account is not going…

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3 Metrics to Improve Your Facebook Page

  If you have a page on Facebook for your business, you probably have tried gaining more likes and attempted everything to attract more people. Well, in order to optimize your Facebook page, you should be taking advantage of the metrics given to you. In order to see this information you must first be on…

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Content Strategy

  Creating an  effective Content Strategy can seem like the most difficult task sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be. Writing about your interests and fun topics in general may not be so hard, but writing about your favorite things in life is not going to benefit your business. So in order to encourage people…

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Facebook Updates Ad Analytics

If you have a business you most likely have a page on Facebook; you may even have paid advertisement as well. Facebook Updates Ad Analytics!   But how do you know if your advertisements are working and actually drawing in new customers?  Facebook has had analytic tools in the past, but now there are more being…

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