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It has left something behind that will control what you are looking for. Should you call an exterminator? Are you infected.  There are very few ways  of avoiding them. The bots and spiders are in control and they have long memories. They are somewhat in control of you and what you like to view.  They already know what you want.

Sometimes your computer asks if you’d like to enable or to disable “Cookies.” But what is a cookie? Hint: It’s not delicious. A cookie is a packet of data sent by an Internet user to a server. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s important to know that companies use these cookies to create comprehensive personalized marketing packages. Your web surfing context therefore becomes increasingly focused on what your website browsing predilections indicate that you’d be interested in.

Not so bad, no?

Nevertheless, it’s important to know that the internet hasn’t become tailored to your interests by chance, but rather by calculation. This approach blends the practice of outbound and inbound marketing. Think of it this way: you’re watching the television, and every commercial is something that you don’t mind watching. The overall intent is to procure your business, but the procurement is more surgical in its needs-based approach.

To read more on the process, visit here.

Image Source: How Companies Know You.

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