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Am I being Watched?

Am I being watched? When Outbound Marketing does work, it’s creepy. Pulling into my drive way, on my way back from the store, I cracked my car door open to the sound of whistling. At first, I was sure it was someone trying to get my attention. Looking around, not spotting anyone, I mimicked the whistle…

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Outbound Marketing, 7 Secret tips

You’ve finally done it! You’ve started your business or revamped your service to satisfy your target customer. All you need now is to get the word out. Your business has a quality product or service for a competitive price that would find remarkable success — if only your potential customer base knew about it. So…

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It has left something behind that will control what you are looking for. Should you call an exterminator? Are you infected.  There are very few ways  of avoiding them. The bots and spiders are in control and they have long memories. They are somewhat in control of you and what you like to view.  They…

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