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The website Brand Packaging published a thoughtful article on the ways that package design is changing.

No longer are words such as “Bigger,” “Better,” and “Bolder” moving products the way that they used to move products.

The reason for this is due to a different generation of consumers.

Consumers nowadays are numb to the appeals to of companies who became comfortable using language gimmicks to lure in profits. The consumer is now aware that a box may just say “better” while that product is still the same…whatever it may be.

Nowadays, companies build a brand by labeling their products honestly and directly.

With the latest cultural conversations ranging from environmentalism to questioning product ingredients – in example, the use of aluminum in anti-persperants and its link to Alzheimer’s disease – companies must engage their audience in a way that builds trust.

With companies moving toward a more ethical way of advertising their products, the markets, overall, will move toward more consumer confidence and more brand loyalty.

Image Source: Deodorant.

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Xavier Cimetta

Xavier Cimetta is part owner and the head Designer/Front-end developer at Cimetta Design, Inc. As an entrepreneur and work-a-holic, his mission is to help fellow entrepreneurs & businesses design beautiful brands, websites, packaging and experiences to reach their goals.

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