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Good Luck Car Thieves

GPS tracking security for your car, boat, truck or any other vehicle. With the implementation of GPS in newer cars, the level of anti-burglar safety has never been higher, Good Luck Car Thieves. These new smart cars have remarkable defenses that automatically alert their owners in-case anything is awry. Great news new car owners but…

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Color-The Essentials

  The choosing of a color scheme for a business, promotion, event, or anything that must influence a person is an extremely important decision. The correct color arrangement could lead to more sales or direct your business or organization down a path to failure. So what is the safest color? The color the highest rate…

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Robotic Security Lighting, the future of security!

Cloaked by the dark curtain of a new moon, he slowly adjusted his grip on the rust sprinkled crowbar and fixed his gaze on the quaint blue house nestled in a lovely suburban cul-de-sac. As he slowly anchored his legs, like a sprinter preparing for a championship race, he finally saw the signal he had…

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Stars of Design Award

Dania Beach, Fla. – Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA) will present the awards for the 3rd annual “Stars of Design”, one of Florida’s most prestigious design industry awards on the evening of Tuesday, January 29, 2008 as part of Wintermarket 2008. There are a number of special programs for the DCOTA Winter Market underwritten…

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Branding Mascot Characters

Roboanimatronics: Branding 2.0, Branding Mascot Characters Southwest Ranches, FL, June 22, 2007 –(– Branding Mascot Characters create a brand and a memory hook that keeps their messages at the top of the viewers’ mind. Animal “spokesthings”, such as the Aflac duck, the Geico gecko, and the Exxon tiger, are firmly ingrained in consumers’ minds. Of course,…

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