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Holiday Marketing

Search Dog Marketing posted some helpful inbound marketing tips to boost Holiday Marketing. Here they are: 1. Offer weekly promotions counting down to the holiday 2. Link social media to your e-mail marketing campaign 3. Create landing pages and sync your Google resources 4. Use research to drive your strategy   All of these ideas…

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Cimetta Design Internship Program – Get the Experience You Need to Succeed

Hear ye, hear ye. One and all. Cimetta Design is looking for new interns. We are looking for graphic designers, programmers, and copywriters. In college and want to build experience? Great. Want to bypass college and build experience? Great. The best education one can have is hands-on experience. At Cimetta Design, you’ll get insight and…

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Ladies and Gentleman, my Mother thanks you, my Father thanks you, my Sister thanks you, and I thank you

The headline is a quote from the 1942 film Yankee Doodle Dandy. James Cagney plays the lead role. But pop culture aside, everyone appreciates a warm thank you. Take Cimetta Design’s recent experience with the company Rainforest Beverages, for example. Leading up to the December 2012 release of the new sparkling coffee drink, PERK!, Cimetta…

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Battle for Title of “Most Obscure”

Newspaper Collectors, Record Collectors Battle for Title of “Most Obscure” Newspapers shall eventually be antiques, opening up a new market for lovers of the esoteric. Record collectors, though, Blanche at the prospect of a Hobby War. Record collectors weigh a potentially perilous decision: branch off into a new hobby, or risk being overtaken as the…

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Can Twitter Shape a Presidential Election?

Some thoughts on political pundit Juan Williams’ article, “How Twitter May Have Tipped the Election for Romney.” Williams notes how just as many Americans watched the 2012 political debates as typically watch the Super Bowl. As a side note, I am relieved that the enthusiasm is there. What surprised Williams, though, was that his fellow…

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