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Building Brands

  We mentioned before that inbound marketing is very crucial to generating business. I wanted to share with you some guidelines you should be following when using Twitter and Facebook for building brands. These websites can provide you with tons of exposure, while Building Your Brand using social media but they won’t do you any good…

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Grade Your Website

  Sometimes we put so much work into our website, yet we are still not getting sufficient results. Grade Your Website, What’s Your Marketing Grade? HubSpot offers a free service called marketing grader (formerly known as website grader) which can show which areas in your marketing are thriving and those that need work. Many aspects…

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How to Market your Website

Click here to see full infographic. Marketing can consist of things like TV commercials, internet ads, or mail inserts. All of these can be effective, but they all rely on the company’s ability to grab the attention of their audience and lead them to take action. The problem with this technique is that many people…

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How Great Leaders Inspire Action

This Ted Talks video is about How Great Leaders Inspire Action and how leaders and influential people differ from everyone else.     Simon Sinek, the speaker, explains this concept of “the golden circle”. It describes how people communicate and applies this process to the business world. We all know what we do, some know…

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Shock Factor Advertising

Shock Factor Advertising has been used throughout the years to scare people into a decision.  For example, I’m sure you are familiar with the cigarette ads where some corroded body part is shown in order to repulse you onto a road free of smoking. As much as we all despise those commercials, they can be…

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