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Many people have a dream to start a business or make a product, but are unable to provide the funds necessary to make that dream a reality. Kickstart with  Kickstarter is a website that could help you raise money for your projects. It allows you to set up a free profile showcasing the details of your concept and giving others the chance to fund your project by donating money. When you sign up for Kickstarter you create a page displaying your project idea and story behind it. Each project must have a set goal for the amount of money that needs to reached and a time period to reach it. People can donate money to your idea and gifts are given to these backers based on the amount they give. For example, if you are trying to film a movie, people who give 20 dollars or more could receive a movie poster. You decide the price points and what they get for each amount donated. If the goal is reached within the time period, each person who backed that project will get their gift.

If you want to give Kickstarter a try, Kickstart with Kickstarter and check out the tips below to improve your chances of raising money for your endeavors.

1. Sell your story
People are interested in why you want to make this idea happen, not just the idea itself. If people feel inspired by your story and moved by your passion, they will be more likely to fund you.

2. Choose the right goal
Make sure you pick a number that is realistic instead of aiming too high. Come up with your number based on specific criteria. Consider your costs and the average number people will most likely donate. Picking your goal amount out of the sky will put you in danger of either not meeting the goal or meeting it too early.

3. Create a professional video
Quality is important when seeking out supporters. A poorly shot video will not capture anyone’s attention and it will reflect negatively on your project. People want to feel confident about the ideas they are investing in, so don’t fall short. Make the video so that it can be enjoyed if it were watched by someone who knew nothing about your project.

4. Simplify your reward system
If people don’t understand your rewards, they probably won’t invest. Offer only a small list of options instead of something very extensive. Take a look at what others are offering and if you would want to receive those rewards. Then take a similar approach with your project.

5. Don’t forget to plan manufacturing
Take time to choose what will happen after you get the funding. Where will you manufacture your product and how much will that cost? If it will be in another country make sure you are aware of the different practices they have and the process you will need to take. Knowing this information in advance will make the process smoother and prevent mistakes.

6. Find ways to spread the word
Search for blogs that relate to your project. Keep these on hand so once your goal is reached, you can get the word out. Post your idea on your own blog and social media to get as many people on board as possible. Create an e-mail pitch that you will send to bloggers to convince them to showcase your product. The more blogs that feature you, the more successful your product will become.

7. Continuously work on your campaign
Don’t create your project and wait for something to happen, make it happen. Add new updates to your page, blog about it, or add an extra reward. It takes a lot of work to get anything accomplished so make sure you put as much effort into it as possible.

8. Show your backers that you care
Send thank you e-mails to those who support you. People like to be acknowledged for helping you out and not seem like just another number. Create a website about your project where you can upload videos and updates so people can follow your progress and feel more connected.

Kickstart with Kickstarter!

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