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If you are looking to create a website, you may be unsure where to start. A website has so many elements to it that it may be overwhelming. There is a lot of copy to write and it can vary depending on the type of business you have and the type of website you want. Later on, we will do a blog post on the different categories of copy you need for your website, but for now we want to get you in the right state of mind to start thinking about your website. It is crucial to design a website that reaches the specific people you plan to target. There are Things To Know Before You Write Your Website Copy. In order to accomplish this goal, ask yourself the following questions first before writing your copy.

What does your business do?
A website for a tow truck company will look much different than one for a family photographer. You want your website to portray the field you are in and show the personality of the business. If you sell products online, you will have a tab with copy for your products. If you have a physical store and don’t sell anything through your website, the focus will be much different. You would focus on steering people to visit the actual store or to contact you somehow instead of making a purchase online.

What is your company’s mission, values, and culture?
This is an extension of what your business does. There can be three businesses that are all beauty or hair salons, but that doesn’t mean they are exactly the same. One could be an affordable and family friendly place, the second could be a high-class salon that attracts fashion models, and the third could have a heavy metal atmosphere that also specializes in tattoos. These are made-up examples, but the point is, even though they all cut hair, their culture is completely different from one another which must be reflected in their website. A real life example is Publix and Whole Foods. Publix is a grocery store that targets the general public. They focus on families and everyday local people who need groceries. Looking at their website home page (see the screen shot below), you see the banner “Love to Shop Here Love to Save Here”.  The whole focus of the website is on coupons, sales, and easy recipes.Whereas Whole Foods is targeted a specific niche market, the organic and healthier food market. Whole Foods is all about top quality and their website fully illustrates this.

Whole Foods versus Publix website

What is the purpose of your website?
Are you looking to sell customized hats or are you a photographer looking to display your portfolio? If you are going to be selling products online you will need complete product descriptions and even an FAQ section about online ordering and shipping concerns.

Who is your target market?
For example, a bra company would have a female audience, a tool company would probably have a higher male audience, and a DVD business may have an audience that is equally made up of men and women. Other than gender, you must also consider location, income, age, education, etc.. If your audience is made up of professional doctors, your copy may be more intelligent than a website with a teenage audience. Generally, you should stick with copy at a high-school level to make it easy for people to read, but in special cases you may use specific jargon.

Are there any websites you look to for inspiration? Or those you don’t like?
Sometimes it is a good idea to look for examples when it comes to designing a website. It can help you visualize an end product and give you a template to go by. Look for websites in your field and see which ones attract you and which ones don’t. Be sure to relate it back to your target audience and think if it is something that would apply to them.

Once you have all of this in your head, you can start putting together the copy. A website almost always has more than one page, so writing the copy by segments is the best way to go about it. Check back for updates as we will add a blog post on website copy soon as well as an article on business plans. For all updates you can follow us through our Facebook Page, Twitter, or Google+ page.

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