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I bet you never considered why educational essays are in Times New Roman or why it is improper to use Comic Sans on a commercial billboard. Choosing what kind of font to use can be a deadly decision for a marketing company. It can mean the difference of a consumer buying your product or walking away…

So how are they able to make such an important decision that affects your life? Well, that depends on the demographic they are trying to reach. In recent studies, it has shown that women are more effected by The Power of Fonts, such as Bradley Hand, which has a curvy figure and long tail accent at the end of each letter. On the other hand, if a company is trying to appeal to men, marketers will use Helvetica or rectilinear fonts.

Furthermore, fonts do not only have the ability to pick up women, but in addition it can send a subconscious message to the reader. For instance, Futura can give you the impression of being advanced, yet unemotional. Palatino may bore the reader to death due to its traditional style of text. Comic Sans is considered to be juvenile and used when the author is seeking attention.

So what font did I choose to manipulate you to reading this? Arial was the big winner of the day! It is not only easy to read, but in addition, it creates a pleasant experience, which makes the customer more contented with the product. If you enjoyed this segment, please check out other blogs listed. If the fonts begin to overwhelm you with subliminal messaging, please check out our art portfolio.

The Psychology of fonts

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