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Small businesses everywhere are turning to social media to promote their developing businesses. Why?

The pros of Social Media:

  • Its free! Everyone, especially the owner of a business, is trying to save money in any way they can and this is an awesome way to do that while still promoting your business.
  • Its popular. When was the last time you met someone who ISN’T on some form of social media?  By creating a Facebook page or twitter account you can effectively reach out to many more people than you would spinning a sign on the side of the road..
  • Its easy to use. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn, are all extremely easy to use and are actually set up to encourage connections, which means more exposure for you!
  • It allows your possible to consumers to get to know you on a personal level, thus building trust and brand loyalty.

The cons:

    • Its time consuming. Social media accounts for your business can be ineffective if you do not keep up with them. It takes time and effort to post consistently and respond in a timely fashion when you receive a message or comment. 

  • It doesn’t replace an original website. Nothing says “Professional” like a well done, custom made website for your product or business. Just having social media pages (even if you update them regularly) doesn’t cut it when it comes to makin’ it big with your business.
  • Its not an overnight success. Social media sites require time to build up a following. And there is only one way to do that, hard work and interesting posts people will care about. Its not always an easy job.


Evaluating the pros and cons in the context of maximum marketing utility is essential to making a decision. However, either way, you will need a great logo!

Here at Cimetta design we can set your business up with a custom made logo & website integrated with your social media sites! This also means we can update the sites with posts on a regular basis to keep your followers informed on special deals or new products. Give us a call!

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