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Ok, so what is a mobile push blog?  It’s a blog medium that is pushed out to your mobile subscribers, who have chosen to opt-in to receive your content.

The blog is on a mobile optimized site and the user is connected by receiving a linked invitation via text message.  We’re suggesting that you consider supplementing your online blog with one of the mobile varieties to increase your readership.

1. Numbers don’t lie.  It’s commonly known that 97% of texts are read and of those, 90% are read within 30 seconds.  Who doesn’t want that kind of sense of urgency when it comes to blog readership?


2. Push vs. Pull, which is better?  The best is a combination of the two.  When we go to the gym and lift weights we seek to work out our upper body.  Think of your blog in the same way.  Push exercises are used when you push a bar or dumbbell away from your body and pull exercises are when you pull weights towards your body.   Push exercises are typically used for chest and shoulders and pull exercises are typically used to work out our backs.  We all like the pull mechanism of an online blog because it helps our search rankings and reach new people.  The push mechanism of a mobile blog is valuable because no one has to search for you.  The blog conveniently comes to the reader and they will appreciate that.


3. Mobile Push blogs are easier to swallow.  Typically a push blog is two paragraphs or less, or a total of 12 sentences.  When users are on their cell phones they want to get to the point.  They are in between destinations and want content that is easy and accessible rather than the deep thinking of an online blog.


4. Instill permanence in your message.  When users visit our online blogs, typically the user reads the content and closes out the window.  When we use the text message invitation for a mobile push blog, the text message remains in the phone until it is deleted.  Many people don’t delete their text messages immediately so your push blog invitation will stay for a while.


5. People are asking for it.  Just like some users will ask to subscribe or receive alerts when new blog posts arrive, mobile push blog subscribers are inviting your message into their phone.  Being invited into someone’s phone is like being invited into their home.  If your client or prospect asked you to visit their home would you turn down the invitation?  I’d hope not.


Reaching your current and prospective clients and building credibility can be a daunting task.  If you’re looking for assistance in broadcasting your message in a new and innovative way can certainly help you.  We provide a fully managed solution by helping to increase your number of mobile subscribers, writing and designing the mobile blog posts, and designating a successful long-term mobile strategy.


This article was written by Robert Livingstone of  RoyalText establishes, manages, and grows mobile campaigns for various industries.  In addition to mobile push blog, other managed features include digital coupons, polls, contests, and much more.   It’s a fact that we can’t live without our smartphones, but now you know how to monetize it.


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