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Evo products is a company that is perpetually at the forefront of water cooler technology, continuously striving to bring the latest and most cutting-edge products to you, their consumers, in their most innocuous, convenient, and inexpensive form. With these aims as the focus of the the continual improvements and additions to their many product lines, Evo products as once again shocked their industry with various simple yet ingenious advancements to already prevalent technologies. Water in a box!

Evo products’ first advancement was a simple solution to a prevalent water cooler problem. Currently, the round, awkward, and cumbersome shape of a water cooler bottle does not only lead to major inconveniences to you, the consumer, but also lead to large increases in cost due to the fact that they require unique shipping methods. Evo products, with the design and 3D concept rendering help of Cimetta Design, came up with an ingenious yet simple solution that has yet to have been used – boxing the bottles! A box fixes this problem because they can now be shipped like every other office and home product – effectively reducing the final price to the consumer. This fact opens up the market to large office supply chains who distribute water coolers refills with other office supplies without any upgrades to their delivery vehicle. Also, the bottles encourage additional sales because they are recyclable, disposable and there is no bottle return necessary. The water is actually in a disposable plastic container. Not as thick as a typical water bottle but made with a new lightweight and inexpensive plastic. The plastic bottle is then packaged in the box. So technically it is water in the box but in a plastic bottle too, get it?

A dangerous skeleton that has been hidden in the closet of the water cooler industry for years is the fact that dangerous mold and bacteria will always build up on all surfaces that contact water with in a cooler. To remedy this major dilemma, Evo products has combined their ever convenient bottom loading line of water coolers and their state-of-the-art replaceable water trail system into one remarkable water cooler structure that can guarantee consistently clean water with a new modern styling that looks great in any home or office. The Evo Cooler water trail system is a replaceable inner bladder which confines all water contact from any other parts of the cooler. Simply replace the easily removable water trail section before Bactria or dangerous mold has the time to start building.

Making full use of Cimetta Design’s expertise in the web design, graphic design and branding fields, Evo products has added many extremely beneficial marketing aids; including extremely attractive and target market aimed packaging, and exceptionally useful vendor obtaining presentations and 3D concept renderings.

With both their remarkable innovations and stunning graphic visuals, thanks to the extraordinary graphic design expertise of Cimetta Design, Evo products has begun a revolution in their industry of water coolers and water distribution – setting the standard for clean, safe, convenient, inexpensive, and ecologically healthy water systems in America.

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Xavier Cimetta

Xavier Cimetta is part owner and the head Designer/Front-end developer at Cimetta Design, Inc. As an entrepreneur and work-a-holic, his mission is to help fellow entrepreneurs & businesses design beautiful brands, websites, packaging and experiences to reach their goals.

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