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The choosing of a color scheme for a business, promotion, event, or anything that must influence a person is an extremely important decision. The correct color arrangement could lead to more sales or direct your business or organization down a path to failure.

So what is the safest color? The color the highest rate of success no matter the industry or occasion?

Color-The Essentials. What is the ‘best’ color? How do they influence?

What is the most popular favorite color?


That’s the short answer. Out of the six billion people on this planet the overwhelmingly favorite color is blue. But I often tell people if everything was blue the world would be a pretty boring place. 

BLACK — Black is the combination of all the colors. It strongly suggests power and omnipotence. It touts strength, authority, boldness, loyalty, seriousness, drama, stability, elegance and even death. It is both highly distinguished and classic. Black is often used to make a strong expression.  


WHITE — White is peaceful, delicate and pure. It’s considered clean and sterile. It’s cool and refreshing. White will always have a calming, stabilizing influence. 


GOLD — Gold suggests wealth and maturity. It’s considered to be very classy and ornate.

Gray and Silver
— Gray is associated with conservatism and considered to be very traditional. In business, it represents high technology and implys authority, practicality, earnestness and creativity. 


RED — Red stimulates many kinds of appetites. You will find that most national food chains use Red in their stores. Red commands attention, warning us and activating a sense of urgency. Of all the colors Red is considered the sexiest. Red symbolizes love, warmth, fire, power, passion, blood, heat, excitement, energy, strength, vitality, risk, aggressiveness and danger. It is against every rule in the book to associate anything having to do with finances with this color. 


YELLOW — Yellow is considered the spiritual color. It heralds a quiet warning, but also spreads warmth and happiness. The most popular yellows are warm yellows which actually have a little red in them. Often a bright pure yellow over a large area is hard and irritable to the eyes. Yellow has been known to speed metabolism and is used on a lot of popular energy drinks. It’s often used to highlight or draw attention.


GREEN — Green is associated with money, and nature. It is used in a lot of Businesses to communicate status and wealth. Green indicates fertility, freedom, healing and tranquility, it is a calming color that is easy on the eye. Green also represents jealousy.

— Tropics, warmth, Happiness and vibrancy is associated with orange. It represents pleasure, cheer, endurance, generosity and ambition. It can make an expensive product seem affordable.

— Blue is the most popular and the second most powerful color. Blue is businesses favorite color. It inspires confidence and responsibility. The darker shades of blue are authoritative. The medium shades of blue represent faithfulness, security, and dignity. The lighter shades of blue represent freshness, and cleanliness, although sometimes represent weakness.
PURPLE — Purple is considered a wealthy color. It represents royalty and luxury. Lighter shades of purple, such as lavender, are considered feminine and romantic.

— Pink is a feminine color. It represents gentleness, romance, and innocence.

— Brown is associated with nature and the earth. It suggests richness, politeness, helpfulness and effectiveness. Dark shades of browns represent wood or leather. Creamy shades of brown are associated with warmth and coziness. Light shades of brown implies genuineness.



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Xavier Cimetta is part owner and the head Designer/Front-end developer at Cimetta Design, Inc. As an entrepreneur and work-a-holic, his mission is to help fellow entrepreneurs & businesses design beautiful brands, websites, packaging and experiences to reach their goals.

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