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Back in 2010, Chipotle had some strange language on their bags that sparked some attention. It turns out that the language was Latin and referred to as Lorem Ipsum or Greek text. It is something we as a design studio are very familiar with, but many people may not even know what it is. If you’ve heard of it before, allow us to fill you in on the history of Lorem Ipsum.

Lorem Ipsum is a dummy text used by the printing and typesetting industry. It is used in place of actual text and can be seen on “work in process” items like a website that is under construction. It is Latin literature taken from a book written in 45 BC by Cicero and scrambled up. The reason we use Lorem Ipsum instead of real text is to prevent distraction when looking at a page. It allows the viewer to see the overall style and how words will look on a page before the actual context is inserted. We use it all the time when putting together websites for new clients. Since we don’t have all of the final copy available to add to the site, we enter Lorem Ipsum so the client can see what the website will look like with words. Once the client approves the website format, the Lorem Ipsum model text can be taken out and the real text can be entered in.

So back to Chipotle. The question still remains whether or not this was a mistake or done on purpose, but either way it definitely got people talking. Those familiar with Lorem Ipsum most likely thought it was a mistake whereas those unfamiliar began to wonder what it meant and sparked a discussion. It is not clear whether or not Chipotle received more business in result to these bags, but it is an excellent example on how to create conversation about your brand.

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