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Gone are the days of Setting it and Forgetting it. You’d spend time once a year designing a yellow page ad and that was about it. Unless you had a large advertising budget then it would turn into a once a month ordeal. Things are still the same but different. When you had to pay a designer to design it and then pay the magazine or newspaper a pile of money to run it. I’m not so sure things are that much different cost wise today, but they are different.


The above video illustrates Consumer Expectations of Social Media along with the rewards of effective social media; more tellingly, the video articulates consumer expectations. No matter the company’s, consumers expect an active online identity.  The trust inherent in B2C online interaction builds loyalty and word of mouth. The small business who wishes to coast with their phone number in the Yellow Pages and a static, dated website, misses out on maximizing their consumer reach.

Cimetta Design understands that running a business requires full attention at all times. For this reason we offer comprehensive social media services to make sure that your business interacts with customers and educates them on your products and services.

Call today for a free consultation with our in-house media team: 954.680.4585.

Video Source: The Benefits of Social Media.

Image Source: Consumer Exectations of Social Media.

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