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Responsive web design is all about programming your website to adapt to any device any given visitor views it on. In other words, your website will format itself to fit the needs of a cell phone, desktop computer,tablet or any other device used to view a website. This improves loading time and creates a better user experience. Responsive web design is very critical, especially now, when there are all different ways to connect to the internet. It allows you to cover all your bases and cater to every visitor, no matter how they access your site. I found an infographic from explaining what responsive web design is and why it is important, check it out below.

EDITOR’S NOTE. This article was posted in 2012. Today is December 2016. It is now the future. Google has made it a necessity now in the future to have a responsive website. The reason is that now over 60% of all websites are viewed on mobile devices and tablets. If you don’t have a responsive site today your site will fall drastically in it’s ratings.

If your website has not been formatted to respond to different devices, we can do that for you. Visit us at and contact us for more information.

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