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Online Marketing Primer…

This video is a great Online Marketing Primer for Small Businesses. Running your own business is rewarding, but rewarding can be tough. The sooner your business moves toward an online branding strategy, the sooner you generate more leads to convert into sales. Online B2C is the most affordable (and fun!) way to build your customer…

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Is Your Social Media on Target?

This video does a good job of putting social media sites like Facebook into a global context. The B2C possibilities of social media are limited only by the amount of technologically-able global population. Don’t let the Millennial generation dominate online marketing. Understand the opportunities awaiting your business and create your marketing program today. Is your…

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Is Social Media Just a Fad?

A video for those concerned that social media is not a lasting portal of communication. Is Social media just a fad?Of Course Not! Let us run down the players: smart phones, iPads, personal computers, laptops…nope, social media is not going away any time soon. If your business does not have the time to run an effective…

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Four Easy Steps to Affiliate Marketing Online

When establishing an online identity, follow these four easy steps to affiliate marketing online: 1. Choose a niche. 2. Choose keywords. 3. Build a simple site. 4. Drive traffic. The provided video expounds upon these steps. Have a watch and start growing your web traffic. Video Source: Affiliate Marketing. Image Source: Affiliate Marketing.

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A Boston Burrito Joint Thrives with Social Media (Video)

Just how persuasive is social media in creating brand loyalty? A Boston Burrito Joint Thrives,Watch this video and find out!   A Boston Burrito Joint Thrives Order a Burrito today Video Source: Boloco. Image Source: Social Media Outreach.

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