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That’s right! You read the title correct. Ento is a new company, based in England, that is trying to convince people to Eat Bugs. Insects provide nine times the amount of protein, eat alternative foods that we don’t, and take less land and energy to farm versus cattle.

Makes sense when you look at the logic behind it. But how on earth are they going to convince the public to use a cockroach as a salad topping at their next dinner party?

Well my friends, design is a very powerful tool! Ento has solved this problem through design and marketing strategies. With fun and easy package designs, Ento has started to evolve peoples’ way of thinking. They have estimated that within seven years, Ento will revolutionize local markets around the Western Hemisphere.

It’s extraordinary to think that a simple design can have such a strong influence on peoples’ opinions. What would you like humanity to buy? Give us a call and see what our design can make people do!

For more information visit Eat-Ento.

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