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It costs roughly $10,000 for a billboard a month, $180,000 for a 30 second T.V. Ad, and $500+ for a radio spot — and none of these prices include the costs of production, developing the marketing strategy, copy-writing, voice talent, graphic design, sound editing and all the other costs associated with these ventures.

These are all (expensive) ways to get your business name out there. But who will remember it?

Businesses are getting smarter. Why not do something much more cost effective AND catch a customer’s attention at the same time?  That is the reason guerrilla marketing is such a trend in today’s world. The internet and our constant connection to it provides the perfect ingredients and the best environment for guerrilla marketing campaigns to take off.

We all know that YouTube videos are becoming popular and “going viral” left and right, and now-a-days with Instagram/Twitter/Facebook things are being shared faster than ever. A big part of this new social sharing world is something Jonah Berger, author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On, calls Social Currency.

These guerrilla marketing campaigns, whether shocking, funny, or interesting, provide enough of a social value to their audience for them to share it with their friends. This helps spread your marketing message more effectively, and generally, farther than traditional forms of outbound marketing.




Advertisement for a camera

Advertisement for a movie about super powers.

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