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Adding Value with Less than Nothing

Hershey’s recently came up with a new chocolate bar called HERSHEY’S AIR DELIGHT. They claim that,”Your taste buds have never experienced chocolate bubbles like these”. I’m not sure if they charge more for the bubbles or not but what I am sure of is that if there are more bubbles, there’s less chocolate. That’s right….

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Company needs a motto

Company needs a motto and a catchy logo. Can’t come up with it yourself? Pay someone else to come up with it (*cough* Cimetta Design *cough*). Cracked posted their 9 most meaningless corporate slogans. Why not make it 10? Answer: They probably had to stop what they’re doing to watch the Daily Show. But Cracked did…

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Social Media Revolution: Facebook Reaches 1 Billion Users

Facebook Reaches 1 Billion Users. That is a “1” followed by nine zeroes. My goodness. Many writers place this milestone in the context of how the company’s shares are growing. Not me. A social media user transforms him- or herself into a commodity. They then market themselves. Let’s say that you own a business. You…

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How Great Leaders Inspire Action

This Ted Talks video is about How Great Leaders Inspire Action and how leaders and influential people differ from everyone else.     Simon Sinek, the speaker, explains this concept of “the golden circle”. It describes how people communicate and applies this process to the business world. We all know what we do, some know…

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