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Magic of Typography.

I don’t know if you’re a fan, but last night I was catching up with my favorite series: The Game of Thrones. Holy expletive, is it awesome. During the latest episode, between all the dragons, castles, and shocking weddings (watch the series to get the reference), one of the characters said something that helped me…

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Design is coming for you

It’s all around you, there’s no place to escape. It’s in the chair you’re sitting on and the pen you use. It’s in everything and design is coming for you! You can’t run and you can’t hide because I’m a designer.

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The Power of Fonts

  I bet you never considered why educational essays are in Times New Roman or why it is improper to use Comic Sans on a commercial billboard. Choosing what kind of font to use can be a deadly decision for a marketing company. It can mean the difference of a consumer buying your product or…

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Why should a Business have a Blog?

Many businesses now have a blog. This trend should not be overlooked; rather, this trend should be understood. Why should a business have a Blog.  It serves multiple purposes: 1. A blog allows your business to communicate with your customers. 2. A blog allows your business to communicate with your employees. 3. A blog expands…

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Businesses will only use Helvetica font in the future…thanks, Facebook…

Business Insider argues that businesses will only use Helvetica font in the future. The reason is that the font works well mentally with us humans, it’s even immune to size manipulation. Business Insider notes Facebook as being a prime propagater of Helvetica’s trendiness internationally. Since so many people use Facebook, in other words, the font is…

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